Menu Card

Cold starters

oysters 6/9/12
1/2 dz flat oysters

Smoked salmon

Shrimp cocktail
Monte Nevado Mangalica ham(18 month)
Salade with goatcheese
Mixed salad
1/2 lobster "Belle-vue" 2 persons


Soup of the day
Fish soup

Hot starters

Langoustines with garlicbutter
Marrow bones
Mussels au gratin
1/2 boiled mussels


Boiled Zeeland mussels (season)
Mussels with tomatoes and garlic
Mussels of Bruges, with Belgian beer and cream
Mussels "Maison", schrimpsauce en langoustines
1/1 lobster "Belle-vue"
1/1 lobster grilled with garlic

Fried eel
Eel with cream sauce
Eel in green
Fried sole with salad
Grilled fish kebab


Irish tenderloin

Scottish rib eye
Sauces: sauce béarnaise, pepper sauce, mushroom sauce 
Grilled entrecôte with béarnaise 2 persons
Grilled lamb

Flemish beefstew



Lunch €27.00 not on sunday

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